Adolescent Sexual &Reproductive Health Seminar
Dhaka, Bangladesh / February 2018

Things started off with a bang with a one-day international scientific seminar incorporating lectures and panel discussions covering topics such as STI, female sexual dysfunction, contraception, gender-based violence and education in SRH. Among the faculty were Dr. Ravi Chandran, Dr. Rohana Haththotuwa, Dr. Lakshman Senanayake, Dr. Hemapriya, Prof. Krishnendu Gupta, Prof. Rowshan Ara Begum and Dr. Zinnat. The 300 participants not only included medical professionals but also members of the Health Ministry of Bangladesh and representatives of the judiciary, police and NGOs. This led to a very lively discussion and exchange of ideas.

AOFOG Session at SLCOG
Colombo, Sri Lanka / August 2018

A panel discussion “Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health: Investment for the future” was held in conjunction with the SLCOG 51st Annual Congress. Panelists included Dr. Chiranthika Vithana from the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health and Prof. Krishnendu Gupta and Dr. Lakshman Senanayake from the AOFOG SRH Committee. The panelists touched on best practices as well as the role of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and their National Societies in advocating and facilitating interventions in ASRH for the future.

Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health Symposium
Kolkata, India / February 2019

This successful symposium was made possible with the collaboration of the Bengal O&G Society and FOGSI. The theme “Adolescence – Making Growing Up Good” resonated with many and brought together gynaecologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, lawyers and community health specialists resulting in a productive dialogue. Faculty included Dr. Nandita Palshetkar (FOGSI President), Dr. Ravi Chandran (AOFOG President) as well as prominent members of FOGSI and the AOFOG SRH Committee.

AOFOG Session in PNG
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea / July 2019

SRH issues have plagued the Pacific Islands for several years now and the AOFOG was determined to help in this area. The opportunity finally presented itself at the Scientific Meeting of the Pacific Societies of Reproductive Health which was also supported by the PNG Society, WHO and UNFPA. The AOFOG Session covered “Gender inequity including Gender Based Violence and its effect on Reproductive Health” and our speakers were Dr. John Tait, Dr. Shanti Raman, Dr. Mary Balupa and Dr. Lorna Rolls. This was a good start and in the coming years, AOFOG hopes to make inroads in the Pacific region that sorely requires our support.

Presidential Address

As part of the AOFOG initiative to raise awareness in SRH, the AOFOG President Dr. Ravi Chandran spoke on related issues when delivering invited Orations.

NESOG Oration / Kathmandu, Nepal / June 2018

STIs and the SDGs

OGSB International Conference / Dhaka, Bangladesh / February 2019

ASRH – Window of Opportunity

Dr Bhanuben Nanavati Oration / Mumbai, India / May 2019

ASRH / Menstrual Hygiene

OGSM International Congress / Penang, Malaysia / July 2019

ASRH – Window of Opportunity

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