About YGAA Committee


This Committee has been in existence since at least 2009 and was therefore retained when the Constitution was revised in 2013-2015. As an ad hoc committee, it was retained so that it could be used when deemed necessary. Since about 2015, it was not utilised as it was not very active. In early 2020, our President tried to revive this Committee to foster greater cooperation among the YGAA in the hope that it will translate to greater participation in AOFOG activities throughout the various regions of AOFOG.


The overall objective is to foster and maintain greater cooperation among YGAA in the hope that this will lead to greater support and participation in AOFOG activities in the various regions of AOFOG.

Committee Structure

The Committee will consist of a Chair and 3 other members –

All 4 members must be YGAA and each member must be from one of the 4 different zones (West Asia, East Asia, ASEAN and Oceania). The President and Secretary General will be ex-officio members.

President AOFOG

Pisake Lumbiganon


Secretary General

Rohana Hathoothatwa

(Sri Lanka)

Chair and West Asia

Jaydeep Tank



Rebecca Mitchell


East Asia

Woong Ju

(South Korea)


Suvit Bunyavejchevin


Activities of the Committee

To establish and maintain a register of YGAA from the beginning of the YGA programme (Name, Year of YGA, Country, Current position and subspecialty interest, Current contact details). This information will prove to be important when we want to tap into relevant expertise in the different regions.
To get YGAA to contribute one (1) article to the quarterly Newsletter. A separate YGAA Newsletter is not necessary.
To refresh the YGAA section in the AOFOG website every 6 months.
To assist the Secretariat in obtaining and organising the presentations during the YGAA session at the AOFOG Congress.
Depending on the progress of the above, the Executive Board may assign other tasks as deemed necessary.

We have now, an updated directory, refreshed the YGAA section of the website and have contributed two articles to the Newsletters.

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